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Embossing Seals

Pocket seal
This portable, lightweight seal is perfect for Notary Public, Corporate and other general embossing on common paper of average weight. The die holder may be easily removed and tucked inside the handle for compact storage in purse or briefcase.

Desk seal
Desk seal is designed for general embossing on average-weight paper. Impressions require less effort than pocket model.
Not intended for large logo seals or impressions with extra lines and letters. Long Reach Desk Seal is designed for it.

Long Reach Desk Seal
Long Reach Desk Seal model features a heavy-duty steel frame for maximum pressure as well as a long reach. The ideal choice for seals with intricate logos or larger seals with many letters to be embossed. 

When a seal must imprint a greater number of lines and letters or intricate logo, the embossing dies must “stretch” more paper to make a clear impression. The seal body must be able to withstand the pressure required to do this. Lighter weight seal frames such as standard pocket or desk seals are usually not heavy enough for such demanding work.

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